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Limelight Hotel Collection




                 he Limelight Hotels redefine what it means
           to be four-star hotels. Located in Aspen, Colorado &
           Ketchum, Idaho and opening in November 2018 in
           Snowmass, Colorado, all three properties provide a
           relaxed and home-like environment. There is focus
           placed on the outdoors which is reflected in both
           the interior with inspired design and exterior of the
           property, with room balconies and many places for
           outdoor seating. Each season offers special activities
           designed for the town in which they are located. The
           Lounge at each is the heart and soul of the property,
           with a menu of Italian- inspired fare. The Limelight
           Hotels are contemporary, desirable, and relatable,
           while still offering four-star amenities.

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